Weekly Schedule (subject to change):




12:00pm Power Lunch @ Sports Club/LA

4:00pm Gentle Yoga @ JP Centre Yoga

6:00pm Vinyasa Basics @ North End Yoga

7:15pm Vinyasa @ North End Yoga


12:00pm Vinyasa @ Sports Club/LA Chestnut Hill

7:30pm Vinyasa @ North End Yoga


10:00am Vinyasa @ Sports Club/LA

12:00pm Vinyasa @ JP Centre Yoga

6:30 Yoga Ananda @ North End Yoga


6:30am Yoga Espresso @North End Yoga

5:30pm Vinyasa @ Sports Club/LA

7:30pm Deep Stretch @ JP Centre Yoga



10:30am Vinyasa @ North End Yoga

4:00pm Vinyasa @ Sports Club/LA (alternating sundays)

5:30 Chill Mudra @Sports Club/LA (alternating sundays)

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